Event Guide

Directions and Parking


Event Days $5 for non-hockey events unless otherwise noted
Parking lots open 90 minutes prior to event doors opening
All parking is CASH only


How It Works

You will receive a branded sampling glass upon entry, which can be filled with tastings of our over 80 wines! DDs will not receive a glass. Wine will NOT be poured into any other type of drinking vessel. If your glass breaks you will not be given a new one- guard it with your life!

There is not a set number of samples you can receive- try a little bit of everything!

Don't like what you tried? There will be dump buckets placed throughout the event where you can empty your glass. Not sure if you're going to like something? Just ask for a smaller sample first- this saves on wasted wine that we KNOW other attendees would love to drink!


VIPs get to enjoy Wine Not? in style! Not only do you get to enter the event an hour before GA (5:00 PM), but you also get to enjoy the private VIP lounge. You MUST be wearing your VIP wristband to enter this area. Once in the lounge, you can grab a quick snack and sample some of the exclusive VIP wines!

Available snacks include grilled chicken bites, french onion dip & chips, fresh mozzarella, tomato, & basil skewers, cookies, and more! Supply is limited, please be respectful of other VIPs.

To Do


Dance the night away to the Frank Silva Jazz Quartet!


The Wings Event Center will have food available for purchase.


General Policies

  • No refunds, no exchanges - no exceptions
  • No pets, service animals okay
  • No guns or any weapons are allowed onsite, including pocket knives. Items will be confiscated and not returned.
  • No outside food or drinks are permitted.
  • Everyone, including personal belongings, is subject to search upon entry. Larger totes and backpacks will be turned away.
  • Re-entry is NOT permitted, if you leave you will not be allowed back in.
  • Smoking will be permitted outside Door 15.
  • NO alcohol will be permitted to leave the venue- don't plan on taking any home with you.
  • Make sure to bring a designated driver with you or have a plan to get home safely!